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12 January 2011

How to Magnetise a Rhino to Razorback including Las/Plas!

Nick speaking,

OK, so time to build my first Space Wolves Razorback/Rhino! And with inspiration from 40k Battle Report, I am going to make one tank that I can have as a Razorback or Rhino, with as many interchangeable part as I can, after all, who knows how GW will be changing things in the future! Just in case you didn't know, never buy a Rhino! Always get yourself the Razorback, as you get all the Rhino bitz in the Razorback box, plus the Razorback turrets.

First up, and just to get this out the way, I am not painting anything Space Wolves at the moment! All my painting time has been allocated to my Eldar and Tyranids, so expect to see plastic and metal models with any of my Space Wolves posts, except for my already painted Fenrisian Wolves.

With that all said, the first thing I knew I would do is not glue my tank together, after all I will be painting the inside of the tank at some point, plus the wheel/track areas seem to need to be painted before gluing as well! No problem, out comes my trusted friend, the Blu-Tack. First of all to put together the tank without the top section and tracks...

With two magnets glued inside the tank at the front and two on the supplied dozer blade, I immediately give myself the option to take the dozer on and off, If you make sure the magnets go on the opposite way, it will also be impossible to magnetise the dozer blade on up side down. I get all of my magnets from the UK supplier Guy's Magnets Ltd, and the magnets I used are 3x0.5mm and 1/8x1/16"

Next, I magnetised the top hatches...

And the Storm Bolter and Hunter Killer Missile launcher...

Next is to put a magnet on the small hatch cover on the left of the tank. By not gluing the hatch cover you can use both sides of it depending on the build...

At this point it is worth noting that if you want to have a Multi Razorback/Rhino, do not glue the Rhino top hatch doors in place! Both the Razorback and Rhino top hatches sit perfectly well into place without gluing or magnetising!

So that's the Rhino done with Storm Bolter, Hurricane Launcher and Dozer blade options...

Now onto the Razorback version. Although I knew primarily that I wanted to go for the Las/Plas turret, which is not supplied in the box? Again I wanted to make it as interchangeable as I could. Both the twin Las and Heavy Bolters work fine without gluing or magnetising them onto the gun holders, so that makes life easy. From then on, I just put a few magnets here and there and it's job done for the standard guns...

Next was the Las/Plas. Get two Plasma guns that you have left over from only using Melta guns in your army (or get some from GW or eBay), and glue them together with a few trims here and there...

Make a hole on the base area for a magnet...

This twin Plas will then magnetise nicely on the previously made Bolter holder...

Of course, taking away one Las gun is easy, but it does leave a bit of a gap that doesn't look that great. To fill the gap I used the double oil can accessory that came with the kit and cut it about a bit. With a couple of magnets it fits into the gap nicely...

I also have the added bonus of being able to magnetising the Plasma guns up side down next to the Las to make room for the Storm Bolter and Hunter Killer Missile launcher at the front if needed, and of course, don't forget the dozer blade! OK, that's it pretty much done...

Now all I have to do is battle damage it and make it into a space Wolves tank with some extra icons, side hatches and fur...


  1. Great job. How long did this project take?

  2. Thanks, it took me about a day to complete

  3. Wow, that's a lot of magnets! How do they work anyway? Good job sir!

  4. Thanks for that, you can see the magnets in action here:

  5. Excellent article, but I dunno if I want to do my Las/Plas that way. :p

  6. Great Article!! My only concern is that the Stormbolter is facing the wrong way....

  7. Ha ha, so it is... good job it's magnetised and not glued lol

  8. What size magnets did you use? You haven't specified them. That would be really really helpful. Thank you. :]

  9. What size magnets did you use?

    I'd really like to know so I can do this for my GK Razors, and LR, and SR. (Yey new codex toys! ... No I'm not a codex jumper, I still have all my metal minis) XD

  10. You can find the magnet sizes and links to where I got them (in the UK) listed in the forth paragraph.

    I used 3x0.5mm and 1/8x1/16" magnets


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