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26 October 2010

Worst Eldar Unit Poll - Results

Nick speaking,

First up, thanks to all those who voted on this poll, it was the best response on a poll I've had so far. So without further ado, here are the top voted Eldar units to get the title of Worst Eldar unit...

In Third place with 13% of the votes are 'Guardians'

In Second place with 15% of the votes are 'Support Weapons Battery'

In First place with 32% of the votes are 'Swooping Hawks'

Surprisingly, every single unit listed got at least one vote, including arguably the two best troop choices Eldar have, Jetbikes and Pathfinders! Which just goes to show, that everyone has different opinions.

Hot on the heels of the Guardians in fourth place was 'Shining Spears' followed closely by 'Storm Guardians' and 'Wraithguard'. Just below them were 'Dark Reapers' and 'Harlequins'

When you open my two Eldar cases, you will see that I have no Heavy Support Battery or Wraithguard models. The reason for this, is the Battery seems to have no place in the type of lists I go for, and thus I can understand the lack of love for this unit, and the wraithguard models are just too expensive to buy for the occasional times I will use them with their short range guns. Of course, when the next Eldar Codex comes out and we are issued with multi-part Wraithguards, it will be a different story.

Talking of new models, I have decided that my Warp Spyders will be the last thing I paint in my army, as one again, I bet they will be re-done in plastic at some point, and Judging from how many models I have to paint, that means I will not be painting the old ones at all!

So lets talk about the winner of the poll! Swooping Hawks! It's obvious why these guys got the Title of Worst Eldar unit, strength and toughness three, with a 4+ save and a below par strength three gun! Yes I think I may of voted them the worst unit as well. Although for some reason, just from my gaming experience with Eldar, my personal worse unit is Warp Spyders. I never seem to be able to get them to be worth the points, even though I know alot of people have great success with them! It's probably because they know I am never going to paint them!

Anyway, back to the Hawks.

Interestingly, the Hawks are one of my favourite models, and I am sure that before 5th edition and the multitude of mech, they probably would have been quite reasonable on the table, so with the Skyleap ability are they really that bad?

I noticed that Fritz 40k has recently done a Swooping Hawk themed army  consisting of thirty Hawkes, thirty Jetbikes, Baharroth and an Autarch. It looks very interesting and I was wondering if anyone out there is using this list or one similar that may actually be able to redeem the Swooping Hawks name?

Maybe it is time for me to use a couple of proxy models and have a go with a spammed out Hawk list!


  1. I really miss when Warp Spiders were crazy scary in 2nd ed. That was back when they could teleport all over the board. ah memories..

  2. Yeah, agreed , they were horrifying , the heavy flamer template of monomolecular death , firehosed anything right off the table *sigh

    jetbikes and pathfinders are 'ok' they don't deserve to place worst but I never use them , storm guardians and avangers see the table all the time, might be because I play mechdar and they work really well in there. Storm guardians are nothing short of brilliant when used/supported right.

    If you are thinking about doing hawks my latest article is actually on the subject so may be of interest to you


  3. Thanks for that, nice article and nice Blog.

  4. Thanks , I'm glad someone likes it :o)


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