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16 February 2012

Battlefleet Gothic Bug!

Nick speaking,

As I travel along the blogosphere and YouTube Channels I follow, every so often I see articles on other games and gaming systems. I have played Blood Bowl and Man O' War a few times over the years, as my 40k buddies still have all the stuff from way back. I enjoyed playing them from time to time, but it was nothing that inspired me to get my own models...

There was a time when a few buddies and I decided to have a go at Fantasy back when it was in 6th Edition (I think). We bought the rule book and chose our armies, mine being Dwarf's, but we never actually went ahead with it for some reason. A few months later the Rule book was updated and I ended up being glad I didn't start another system. In the end I just stuck to 40k and started expanding my armies instead, which was hard enough for me to keep up with anyway. Having said all that, I have to admit that I have started to get a little bit of a bug for Battlefleet Gothic! I have had nothing to do with Gothic previously, except for watching a game of it for a few minutes once at Games Day, so I know absolutely nothing about it except that it is a game of spaceships fighting it out in space!

So why Gothic?

Putting aside the fact that I am a Star Trek fan, and playing with spaceships just sounds like fun, I think it's just a case of liking the models. I have seen a few Blog posts and YouTube vids of late featuring Gothic, and the more I see them, the more I like them. A quick look at the GW site and I have already decided what my favourite three fleets are, and funnily enough all three of them are armies I already have for my 40k. Maybe that's coincidence or maybe just a subconscious thing, but the three fleets that catch my eye are Tyrands, Eldar and Necrons, in that order.

Like I said, I have no idea about this game, but being a specialist game, I assume that you don't need many models to build a little fleet up to start playing it. Or have I got that wrong? Is it a game where you have to build a big army up to get the most out of it? I don't know anyone who plays the game, but if it is just a case of having a small fleet to play with, I might be able to get a few friends involved? Having said that, I am even thinking about just getting myself a small fleet anyway, even if I don't get to play with it, just for the fun factor!


  1. Battlefleet Gothic is another top-quality Specialist Games offering. It's definitely reasonable in price, I've got a roughly 1500pt Chaos fleet that I don't think set me back much over £50. Armies like Eldar, Nids and Necrons will be slightly more, being all-metal ranges, but still fair prices.

    Also, a good way to experiment before buying is using cardboard circles or spare flight bases as all measurements are from the model's base.

    Sadly there's not really any other BFG players in my area, as its a fun game I wish I could play more of. Even without opponents I keep having to resist the urge to start new fleets, as the models are fantastic.

  2. Thanks for the comment, nice to hear a positive for the game. That's a good idea with the flight stands; I hadn't really thought about that, I could even use some of my Saim-Hann models as proxy! I suppose the first thing I should buy is the rulebook anyway =)

  3. Do not buy the rulebook, download it from GW ;)

  4. Great advice thanks, downloading it as I write :-)

  5. Yeah we are playing Gothic quite often here in Czech rep and having a blast.. usually when the plasma reactor overheats. Do you think GW will keep up production of ships now with all the resin madness?

  6. I hope so because it would be a shame to lose classics like this, poor Man O' War, at least they got Dreadfleet I suppose!


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