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21 April 2012

How to magnetise a Necron Ghost/Doomsday Ark

Nick speaking,

Here is a little tutorial on how I made my Ghost Ark/Doomsday Ark interchangeable. I know there is an easy fix, with just keeping the Ghost Ark as it is and then magnetising the Doomsday gun to the top of it, but I wanted to go all the way with turning the spines over. This then gives you the problem of the Gauss Flayers being upside down as well though. So here is what I did, with my main criteria being the spines the correct way up for both models, and keeping the Gauss Flayers the right way up as well...

First is the front section, fill in the front with green stuff (I use grey stuff here, but it's the same) and then super glue a 5x1mm magnet (you can get them off eBay) to sit flush with it. I then filled in the front spine with green stuff to match the depth of the front piece, and glued a magnet into that...

Next, build the rear section as much as you think you can without hindering your painting, here you can see I left my driver and the side struts off mine. Then, use some green stuff on the back section where the Ghost Ark spine sits, bringing it flush with a magnet on it. Next, fill in the rear spine and put a magnet in that, again to the correct depth. In these sections, I used the same 5x1mm magnets, but I used two magnets on each side for some extra strength... 

Repeat the process on the top rear section where the Doomsday spine will go, and stick a magnet on the back of the cap that covers the hole when it's a Ghost Ark...

Now for the Gauss Flayers. If you don't glue the sections that the Flayers glue onto into the spines, they will freely rotate around, perfect for getting the Flayers the right way up as we want. Take that section and the Flayer, and cut them down with a 3x0.5mm magnet on each side as pictured below, again use a bit of green stuff first to help hold them into place...

Now we have a gun that will be the correct way up on both Arks...

Time to glue all the spines together, it's worth noting that it's best to glue the four stoppers to the ends first, and let them fully dry before hand. You don't want any glue sticking the moving section when you put it all together...

OK, so that's the Ghost Ark complete, without the Warriors, which is great for standing your actual minis on the model so you know what units are in which Arks, but I am also going to magnetise in my Warriors, just for the hell of it...

Pretty simple really, using a small blob of green stuff first of course, stick one magnet onto the Ark and one onto the Warriors as pictured below...

Now for the Doomsday Cannon, start with a magnet on the rear of the cannon...

For a bit of extra support, I also magnetised the top of it. I used a 3x0.5mm magnet with a 2x1mm magnet on the top of that and in the hole where it sits on the spines, this gives it some stregth and fits them nicely together...

Doomsday Ark done...

I got two of these for my Birthday, so I have one more to build before I start painting them. I hope the tutorial was useful, let me know if you have any question...


  1. Richard Simonds21 April 2012 at 11:34

    Really good guide, seems simply enough :)

  2. Nice guide which looks sturdier than the others I've seen, thanks for sharing

    1. Cheers mate, nice to hear some possitive feedback like that

  3.  Thanks mate, glad you liked it :D

  4. a very good guide, something of a must of Necron players IMO, with 6th ed coming in we don't no whats going to be effective and whats going to be naff in the next few months, so guide like these are invaluable to people who cannot afford to keep buying new models all the time!

    I cannot wait to see this on the battlefield mate! :)

  5. Thanks mate, your absolutely right, always best to keep your options open as you never know what's around the corner!

  6. I just got a Barge and an Ark for Christmas, but I simply couldn't decide which way to build them, so I've decided to try my hand at magnetizing using your great guide, but I was wondering exactly how many magnets of which sizes you used so I could build a shopping list

  7. Hi mate, no problem. I used thirty one 5x1mm, twenty 3x0.5mm and two
    2x1mm magnets. Good luck magnetising it and let me know if you get stuck with anything, Nick

  8. quick question for you. What are the magnet sizes of these in fractional inches?

  9. thanx for this great guide, and for saving me some $$. the guys at the game shop are gunna be jealous! i just finished it today and looks sweet!

  10. Very happy it helped buddy, nice one

  11. did you do the magnets in between each of the spines or just a magnet at the back and front and glue the spines in between together?

  12. I only did the magnets on the end of the spines, the rest are glued together :)


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