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27 August 2012

Harlequin 6th Edition Battle Report

Nick speaking,

For my last 1k point game of 6th Edition before I moved up in points, I got out my Harlequins. I wasn't expecting too much from them at this point level, but I was interested to see how they would run with the new Veil of Tears rule granting them a 2+ cover save, after all, how  many ones can you roll?


  1. just a thing, maybe you didn't mention it cearly enough but, if you challenged with maugen ra vs the unit with dante and the fist guy in it, he could have accepted with dante[then obviously hit and run:P] and it would have abeen an ap3 fight vs 2+ armour. the chalenger doesn't get to decide who accepts the challenge, they only get to decide who delcines.
    but hey it might just have been to speed things along in the rep:)

  2. good report mate,
    wow, thats some bad luck right there!! Can I ask why you did push up with the quins into centre of the table? this could of allowed a squad of rangers to move and run behind capturing the relic winning the game, maybe..

  3. Thanks for the comment, I think it was more of the case of my buddy feeling sorry for me so he just chucked in the powerfist guy instead lol

  4. Cheers mate. Well, there was a couple of things with this game, apart from being a hard mission for the army I had. The plan with this list was to run the Rangers behind the Harlies, fortune up and push forward. But, my buddy was deep striking in and I didn't want him to drop in turn two and kill my troops from the off, so I flanked them.

    Then Eldrad got taken out, and I didn't really want to move out of the terrain without fortune until all the deep strikers were out. Sadly they didn't come out until turn three, so I was stuck there!

    Although I did have some bad luck, I did learn alot from the game, I never expected to do a great deal at this point level tbh, but it was interesting seeing what happened. More to come on how my Harlies have been effected in 6th in the next post...

  5. Where you playing that lake/pond in the centre of the table as terrain? Outflanking the rangers was a great idea, my plan would of been to outflank them behind the wall of Harlequins making it harder to take them out (Should of made that clearer in my first post).

    Looking forward to seeing more! :)

  6. Yeah, we are playing the ponds as normal rough terrain. Your idea would have been a good compromise from my original (walk behind the Harlies) plan and what I actually did in the game. I think I was so dumb struck with loosing Eldrad, I stopped thinking straight lol. Shame really, as I think it would have been a close game if I had got fortune up and pushed forward, I could have given them Marines a run for their money in the centre and my Rangers may have gotten in. I just didn't play well enough and was punished by the dice gods! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  7. Well, I had Maugan Ra and Eldrad with two groups of Harlequins and flanked two groups of Rangers. We were playing the relic and Blood Angels went first with two groups of Devs, one with Las and one with Missiles. I tried to steal initiative and fail.

    I then lost Eldrad turn one with some very bad rolling (and maybe bad placement), so without fortune I waited in terrain until Dante and two large jump troops deep striked in the middle of the field before I made my push forward.

    I continued to roll really badly and lost my Rangers and most of the Harlequins as we moved into turn five, where the game ended. No one held the relic, but BA got all three secondary objectives to win 3-0 VP

    It was just a small tester game for the Harlies in 6th and I learnt a lot from it, so not all is lost :)

  8. So, how do you think the Harlies did?

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: IDICBeer 40k: Harlequin 6th Edition Battle Report

  9. With double Farseer support I think they will be good, if not even better than they were before. The new Veil of Tears rule gives them a 4+ cover save in the open and a 2+ in cover :D

    Now to work out how the rest of the army is going to support them, which I will be talking about in tomorrows post :)

  10. long range shooting and LOS blocking units?

    Subject: [idicbeer] Re: IDICBeer 40k: Harlequin 6th Edition Battle Report


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