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9 June 2012

Fritz C'tan Challenge

Nick speaking,

"Since the dawn of time Mankind has accomplished great feats of engineering and heroic daring for no other reason other than “just because” and in keeping with that spirit for this weeks post we are going to take a serious look at building and playing a 3 C’Tan shard army for Warhammer 40,000. Come on, being a loyal thrall of the star gods, you know there was no way I could resist if GW gave me the option for three C’Tan right? Now, do I even have to throw in the standard disclaimer of “competitive” build vs. fluff build? We’ve got three C’Tan, need I say more! I’d love to see you guys build your take on the three C’Tan list and post up a battle report or youtube vid- I’ll put the link here, or respond in my youtube channel."

So, the 40k Star God that is Fritz, has set his challenge to the Necron world! As a long time Necron player and a massive Fritz fan, I am very happy to accept his Challenge and see what sort of 1750 point list I can come up with that includes three C'tan, but where to start? The C'tan, of course...

In all honesty, I have had a hard time coming up with different C'tan load outs to what Fritz has in his list, Dust/Worldscape, Time/Gaze and Pyres/Thunder. You are limited to only one of each power in any army, which brings down your choices anyway. The most obvious build for me is the Dust/Worldscape combo, coupled with a load of Tremorstaves. I have yet to play this combo, but it looks like great fun. I did consider Grand Illusion, but it has the problem of only being able to redeploy one unit with any guarantee, and for its forty points, I didn't think it was worth it. So, my three C'tan Shards will be the same as Fritz's, an Assault type Nightbringer, a sneaky Worldscape Deceiver and a unknown shooty Shard!

Next step is the HQ choices, and this is where I want to really step up to the challenge. Fritz admits himself that pretty much all of his Necron builds has Imotekh at the cornerstone of his list. I can understand why, as we all know how great he can be, especially if you are in a very heavy Marine MSU environment like Fritz is. Looking for an excuse to not take Imotekh is hard, but I think I have found a reason not to take him! With night fight up for the first few turns, how are we going to hit with all our Tremorstaves?

My C'tan list is going to be headed up with a standard Overlord with a Warscythe and Mindshakle. Having my enemy in Night fight for at least one turn will mean I will need a Solar Cryptek, and the rest of my Court will max out on Tremorstaves. With no Storm from Imotekh, it's time to put some fire power in the army, and although I did consider the Doom Ark, two Annihilation Barges with double Tesla has to be a better option.

Onto Troops, and four units of five Immortals will allow me to spread out the Tremorstaves nicely. I only have twenty Immortals at the moment, so my final Troops will be a Ghost Ark with five Warriors. My Overlord and Lance Cryptek will hitch a ride with the Warriors in the Ark and we are ready to go. Here is my final list, I am happy with how it looks and I am looking forward to play the army and recording the results. Let the challenge begin...

C’Tan Challenge list

1 x Overlord/Warscythe /Mindshakle Scarabs (115)
Royal Court:
1 x Cryptek/Eldridge Lance/Solar Pulse (55)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)
1 x Cryptek/Tremorstave (30)

1 x C’tan/Dust/Worldscape (240)
1 x C’tan/Time/Gaze  (275)
1 x C’tan/Pyres/Thunder (245)

5 x Immortals/Tesla (85)
5 x Immortals/Tesla (85)
5 x Immortals/Tesla (85)
5 x Immortals/Tesla (85)
5 x Warriors (65)
1 x Ghost Ark (115)

1 x Annihilation Barge/Tesla (90)
1 x Annihilation Barge/Tesla (90)

Points 1750

Battle report coming soon...


  1. Those c'tan powers are the best, grand illusion would only be useful for a deathstar build or DoW with 20 warriors lining up on the 24" line, but it's so situational.. just not worth imo.

    I like the list, it has obvious limitations, mobility being the obvious one and then reliable anti-tank. But looking passed those, it looks pretty fun to play with and quite frustrating for infantry armies, I would of liked to see something like a Doomsday ark which could take advantage of units not wanting to go into cover, either they stay out and get shot to death or go into cover and risk dangerous terrain.

  2. Thanks mate, yeah I did consider the Doom Ark like we talked about before, but when I thought about it, I decided that all the Tremorstaves would probably keep my opponent in the terrain as there would be no benefit for them being in the open lol. I do want to try the Worldscape/Doom Ark combo though :D 


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